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Ultimate Gary Moore Concert

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'ULTIMATE GARY MOORE' is the number one live tribute act featuring the legendary music of Gary Moore. 

This live concert tracks the history from his beginnings in Skid Row, through Colosseum II and Thin Lizzy, his solo compositions, and the many musical collaborations with other musical legends such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ozzy Osborne, George Harrison, The Beach Boys, Greg Lake and Cozy Powell.

Arguably one of the finest British artists of all time, he has inspired and influenced musicians all over the globe. Sadly on 6th February 2011 Gary's untimely death shocked the world and left a big void in the hearts of musicians and music lovers everywhere. Gary Moore, 1952-2011, R.I.P. The king of the blues has unfortunately moved on but his music will certainly live forever.

In 2012, fresh from touring extensively throughout Europe, the band are on tour again performing the 'Ultimate Gary Moore' show as a dedication to the life and work of this great man. 

The 'Ultimate Gary Moore' show is a powerful, live, and uniquely authentic concert that is not to be missed by all Gary Moore fans, and features all of the now classic hits from the career of a never to be forgotten hero.

The show for 2012 now also features 'The Great Paul Thompson' who was the actual drummer who performed on the Emerald Aisles Tour and Donnington Festival Concert with Gary Moore.

Ultimate Gary Moore Band


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